Alicia Khoo, J.D. 

Alicia is a mediator at the Orange County Superior Courts and is a private mediator for business and legal disputes. She is well-versed in cross-cultural facilitation and contract matters. She is a Doctor of Law, Recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award, and Certified Neutral Person under the Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA). She obtained her Diploma in Health Sciences (Psychology) from Curtin International College, Western Australia and her Juris Doctor from Trinity Law School.  She is originally from Singapore and has been a business consultant for various Singaporean companies since 2008.

Her areas of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) practice and experience include Contract Negotiations, Breach of Contract, Dissolution of Marriage, Nuisance, Defamation, Landlord-Tenant, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, amongst many others. She is a lead mediator at Trinity Mediation Clinic, a nonprofit legal clinic and a volunteer mediator with Waymakers, a nonprofit organization serving the community. 

She is also an interpreter for English and Mandarin, and has facilitated settlements in different languages that require interpreters and cross-cultural mediation. Her interpretation experience has been heavily based in business, human rights, anti-human trafficking, and political asylum.

Her current ADR practice is in California and the United States. She is also available for cross-border mediations at international locations.

"Alicia Khoo is respected for her knowledge, compassion and experience. She is the picture of neutrality and fairness, as a mediator and a human being. Her profound familiarity with how the details of the law affect people's lives in the real world makes her a jurist for the ages. Very, very few people are as understanding and objective as Ms. Khoo is. As a mediator, she does what she is born to do. An exemplary mediator."

 - George Small, Landlord-Tenant Specialist

"I am currently in the process of becoming a Certified DRPA Neutral Person and Mediator. I was able to sit in and watch Ms. Khoo mediate on one of her cases. She does an excellent job listening to the disputes, understanding the conflicts, and helping individuals reach a mutual understanding. She genuinely cares about the clients and wants what is best for everyone. Above all, she is highly knowledgeable in several aspects of the law and how it pertains to the dynamics of the conflict resolution."

  - Daisy Arellano, Worker's Compensation Law Clerk


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